Sensitized is common post-procedures such as microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, or peels as well as in perimenopausal or mature skin. Skin sensitivity can be associated with dehydrated, traumatized, aging, or delicate skin. SkinCeuticals offers a variety of gentle products to help soothe and promote the healing process.

Becomes red
and irritated

Certain in-office procedures
can leave skin dry

Sebum production
can be reduced

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Unlike sensitive skin, which is usually a lifelong concern, sensitized skin is usually normal until it is compromised by harsh ingredients or aggressive in-office procedures.


Symptoms of sensitized skin are comparable to those seen with sensitive skin, including redness, itching, stinging, and flaking. The products and ingredients used to treat sensitized skin are similar to those recommended for sensitive skin, although they are usually recommended for short-term use. Skincare after laser treatments and chemical peels is especially important, as skin subjected to these treatments is in need of hydration and barrier repair. Skincare after Botox and other injectable treatments reduces inflammation in order to minimize swelling. When assessing the skin, it’s important to know the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin—and that’s where a skincare professional comes in. Then, with the proper SkinCeuticals skincare regimen, it’s easy to soothe sensitized skin and restore it to a healthier, more beautiful state.