Excess melanin, the natural pigment that gives color to skin, due to UV exposure, hormonal fluctuations, or trauma to the skin causes uneven skin tone and brown spots. SkinCeuticals offers a variety of products that gently and safely address this common skin concern by lightening the appearance of existing pigment and preventing the formation of further discoloration.

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Malanocytes overproduce melanin

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Skin discoloration includes age spots, sun spots, or hyperpigmentation, and it’s an extremely common skin concern.


The main cause of age spots is unprotected sun exposure as well as incidental exposure such as walking to and from your car, which prompts uneven pigment production deep within the skin. Although diligent use of sunscreen and topical antioxidants help to prevent discoloration, products for hyperpigmentation can make a dramatic difference. To even skin tone, products for hyperpigmentation interfere at various points in the pigment-production process, either by targeting the enzymes necessary for pigment production or preventing pigment from being deposited in the skin. Exfoliation alone (through scrubs, in-office peels and the use of retinol) can also improve age spots by eliminating the top layers of skin where pigment resides. The most effective way to prevent discoloration is with daily sunscreen and topical antioxidant use, and the proper regimen can improve existing hyperpigmentation.