Toning is an essential step that ensures skin is properly prepared for the remainder of a SkinCeuticals skincare regimen. Designed for specific skin types and conditions, these solutions eliminate debris, oil, and skin cells left behind after cleansing and balance the pH of skin. Most importantly, toners create an optimal environment that promotes the absorption of subsequent skincare products.
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As the second skincare step, a face toner plays a major role in preparing skin for treatment products.

With options for all skin types and conditions, a skin toner removes any excess dirt, debris, or makeup left behind after cleansing. Face toners also balance the pH of the skin to optimize absorption and effectiveness of other treatment serums and moisturizers in a skincare regimen. For oily skin, a pore refining toner works to enhance the cleansing process and also minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. SkinCeuticals skin toner products also feature skin-soothing ingredients that help combat sensitivity, redness, and irritation, and help remove the buildup of dead skin cells that can lead to clogged pores, acne, and dullness. A skin toner is essential for ensuring skin is clean before continuing with the rest of a SkinCeuticals skincare regimen.